Bring Wimbledon to Cornwall! You don't need centre-court tickets to enjoy this tradition...

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall are known for being big fans of Wimbledon and they’re not the only ones! From the 25th – 15th June as the world’s oldest tennis tournament takes place, there will be plenty of us here on the Cornish coast joining in with the fun.


One of our very own artists, Jeremy Houghton, was appointed Appointed Championship Artist in 2017, for which he was asked to produce a series of documentary paintings, including works representing six of the finals.


You don’t need tickets for centre court – regardless of where you are in the world, you can recreate the spirit of Wimbledon in the comfort of your own home with these quintessentially British games, recipes and garden party ideas:


Wear White


Unlike the at US open, where players are now allowed to wear coloured kit if they wish, Wimbledon rules are stricter than ever, with pure white being the only colour allowed on the court. Even off-white or cream is a no-no, unless it comes with a side of strawberries.


This tradition dates all the way back to the 1800s and is thought the have been a way to eliminate unsightly sweat patches on a hot summer’s day. Don’t break the rules – get your white attire ready to go!


Set the Scene


For the perfect Wimbledon celebration, we want to bring some of that centre-court summer buzz to Cornwall with the right décor and details at home.


If you’ve got a garden, get out there! Enjoy the sunshine and eat and drink your quintessentially British fare on the grass. Here in Cornwall, we luxuriate in the most brilliant summer weather in the whole of the UK, so the chance of rain is slim but don’t let that stop you giving the occasional obligatory glance to the sky the check for surprise rain clouds anyway.


If outside space is scarce, you could always pop over to one of our favourite Roseland gardens, or alternatively, bring nature indoors with one of these grass rugs – complete with a couple of deck chairs, champagne buckets and maybe a stuffed poodle, you’ll almost feel as though you’re really there!

View Jeremy Houghton Art


Time for Tea


Wimbledon wouldn’t be Wimbledon without some proper British food. High tea complete with scones and cucumber sandwiches, coronation chicken, strawberries and cream and of course, the all important Pimm’s cup.


We love this unusual take on a couple of very British recipes: Coronation Chicken Scones


If the weather stays as good as it is now, why not prepare some delicious strawberry and Prosecco ice lollies in advance? Traditional Wimbledon flavours with a twist!


Pimm’s is obviously an absolute must, but you’ve got to do it right. Here’s the perfect recipe for you to enjoy...

Perfect Pimm's Recipe

50ml Pimm’s No 1

150ml Lemonade

A few fresh mint leaves

Chopped strawberries and cucumber

A slice of orange and a slice of lemon

Plenty of ice


Stir it up and drink it down! Serves one.

Game, Set & Match


Join in with the sportsmanship in your own little way, with lawn games for your family and friends to enjoy. If you’ve got the space, why not hold your own mini tennis tournament? Or badminton if a slower pace works better after all that Pimm’s!


Keep it all as British as you can muster to keep in the traditional spirit of things: think skittles, croquet or bowls for easy-going fun.