Considering a new colour scheme? Let wall art lead the way…

Bought a new house or thinking about redecorating your current one? If so, then colour schemes are probably at the forefront of your mind. Armed with swatches at the ready, anyone planning their décor will be faced with the tricky decision of getting that wall colour just right, but later, when it comes to hanging artwork you may find you’re faced with another dilemma – does the colour palette of the painting or photograph you’ve fallen in love with work in the room that needs it most?


We have a solution for you that will not only make decorating your home a cinch, but that will allow your beloved wall art to really pull the room together, just as it should…

wall art

Considering a new colour scheme? Let art lead the way…


Being that wall art, when treated right, becomes the focal point of a room it makes perfect sense that choosing a colour scheme should come second to choosing artwork. Find a painting you love and bring everything together around it.


Many things draw an individual to a particular piece of art – the image itself, the shapes used, the texture, the style and of course, the colours – and an emotion is often evoked alongside. Perhaps a lapping seascape washes over you with a deep calm and stillness. Maybe a certain lively abstract gives you a real buzz or excitement and inspiration. Whatever the pull and the feeling, you can transfer this into any room in your house by making art your starting point.


You may feel a little nervous about giving art such a prominent role, but don’t be. This is one interior design tip which will result in a harmonious and personal interior you will love!

wall art

Find your palette


Once you have selected a piece of art you adore, how do you use it as inspiration for the rest of a room? The first step is to pick out two or three shades from the piece that really speak to you, to use as the dominant wall colour and also as beautiful accents which can come into play on cornicing and skirting or in furnishings.


If you’re struggling to find paint to match your artwork’s colour scheme, the ColourSnap app will do it for you.

But it’s not only colour that counts…


Using perfectly matched shades will really help to integrate wall art into a room, but art has more to offer in terms of interior decorating than that. By making art your focal point you can transform not only the style of a space, but the overall feeling of size too.


Getting the measurements and placement exactly right is what this all comes down to. If wall art is hung too low, or too high or you choose a piece that either dwarfs or drowns in a space you’re missing out on its potential.


Fortunately, there are guidelines to follow which will take your décor into the professional realm. Take a look at our blog on how to hang artwork for our top tips.

wall art

Don’t stop with one


Art comes in all shapes, sizes and mediums and because of this, a variety of artwork can add real depth to a room through a multitude of textures and dimensions.


A 2D painting will look spectacular above your mantelpiece, but bring a 3D sculpture into another area, or an installation piece and you’ll soon find that your home takes on a much more ‘complete’ appearance.


Varying textures, even contrasting ones, can set the tone of a room. Rough textures like a thick paint on canvas often invites a more intimate feeling, while smooth textures like the marble offerings from Lawrence Murley bring out a sleek sense of grandeur.

Ready to find art for your home?