4 Reasons to Support Small Businesses in Cornwall this Christmas

As an independent, husband and wife run gallery, each and every purchase you make means the world to us and we’re not alone in feeling that way.


With Christmas coming up fast, it’s all too easy to fall back on quick and easy online shopping from huge, international companies – we get it, sometimes a speedy Amazon delivery might seem like the only option! But as the season for serious shopping gets into full swing, it’s worth remembering how your decision to buy from local shops can make all the difference in the world, both close to home and further afield.


By choosing to support small businesses in Cornwall this Christmas, you’ll not only be more likely to find your loved ones unique and thoughtful gifts but you’ll also be providing much-needed economic growth to your area, helping the planet in more ways than one and of course, putting money in the pockets of real people like Faye and I, to pay the bills, put food on the table and keep bringing beautiful artwork to St Mawes!


We’re all glued to a screen or some sort or another these days, so the joy of browsing in real life shops on a cold winter afternoon to find that perfect gift is something that so many of us miss out on during the Christmas period. This year, let’s go back to basics – let’s all get out of the house to visit and support small businesses, gingerbread latte in hand, and make a positive change in the world (whilst having fun and finding amazing presents while we’re at it!).

support small businesses

Here are 4 reasons to support small businesses in Cornwall this Christmas:

It's the ethical choice


The true meaning of Christmas gets somewhat diffuse in the midst of all the stress and spending for many! Try to remember this year, that Christmas is a time for giving, a time for caring and a time for love – and this should extend past your immediate family and friends.


Shopping locally helps to promote fair pay, worker’s rights and helps to reduce your carbon footprint too. For your own benefit, food is a particularly great thing to shop for from local farmers and markets, as along with supporting local producers you’ll also be getting food for the Christmas table that has a far shorter ‘field-to-fork’ journey, meaning more nutrients, less packaging and generally more delicious too!

support small businesses

Your custom can make or break a business


Clare Rayner of Retail Champion says: "Christmas sales can account for between a third and nearly two-thirds of a retailer's annual turnover. A bad Christmas can mark disaster for a small business. Sadly, it really is a case of 'use it or lose it'.'' and this is very true! Whilst putting more money into large companies, many of which are known for poor and exploitative working conditions, tax evasion and price-hiking, will do very little to affect their yearly turnover and as a result, survival, it can really make all the difference for a small business.


If you love the quirky shops local to you and want them to stick around; if you want to help your home town grow and thrive, your choice to support small businesses is your contribution to this.

support small businesses

You’ll find a truly unique gift


Yes, it’s true that there will always be certain toys for your nephew that are fashionable, but how long do they really last and at what cost are they being made? Perhaps this year, your money would be better spent buying quirky, one-off, handmade gifts created by local artists and brought to you by local shops.


We are so proud to have such a fine array of artwork in our gallery, made by artists who either live in Cornwall or have strong ties to it. We have many paintings available depicting coastal scenes that we know and love; we have sculptures made using stone from some of our favourite Cornish beaches and we have artists bringing us their work who’s livelihood depends entirely on your purchase.


Buying from local shops, like our very own St Mawes Gallery, not only supports the shop owners but also supports local artists, designers and producers, meaning a more creative and vibrant society is made possible! You’ll also find presents for friends and family that are totally unique to your own area, making them extra special.

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Your choice to support small businesses will boost your local economy


Research shows that a whopping 63p of every £1 spent with small businesses stays within the local economy, which in turn leads to higher house prices and the money put back in being re-spent locally on public infrastructure (think schools and libraries), higher salaries and worthy community activities.


If you love the quirky shops local to you and want them to stick around; if you want to help your home town grow and thrive, your choice to support small businesses is your contribution to this.

support small businesses

We hope that you will join us this year and choose to support small businesses with your Christmas shopping. Come by and visit us in St Mawes Gallery for a chat and a browse of some fantastic local art.