Celebrating Summer in Cornwall: Festivals, Arts & More!

As the Spring days lengthen and warm into Summer, the celebrations of life and art in Cornwall get into full swing. We are almost at the end of the Fal River Festival (ending June 2nd) as well as a week of exciting events and workshops offered by artists’ during Open Studios Cornwall (also ending June 2nd).


Coming up, of course, are the deservedly and ever popular Polperro, (15th to 22nd Jun), and Golowan (Penzance, Cornwall 21st to 30th Jun), Festivals where arts and crafts jostle with great food, music and historic traditions. (We have described some of the delights of all these events in previous blogs but in case you missed those you can find out more here.)


And if you didn’t make it to the Cornwall Open Studios or Fal River and your timetable won’t bring you here in time for Polperro or Golowan Festivals, you needn’t feel you have missed out on all the exciting summer celebrations. There is still time to immerse yourself in some wonderful Cornish festivities over the summer season...


Falmouth’s Sea Shanty Festival fills the town with the sound and history of seafarers from around the world between June 14th and 16th. Performances are held throughout the town, creating a unique atmosphere for three days and, incidentally, raising much needed money for the RNLI.


The wonderful Eden Project becomes the setting for a premier, popular music event from June 20th and July 3rd, during ‘the Eden Sessions’ where you can hear some of the music industry’s ‘big names’ perform each year. As night falls, and the performances begin, the famous, opaque biomes are turned into luminous, coloured spheres while the acoustics of the natural amphitheatre make these concerts into a kind of art for the senses.


You can still find tickets for the Port Eliot Festival, (July 25th - 28th), in St Germans, about an hour and fifteen minutes by car from St Mawes. Art, literature, food and live music, talks, workshops and outdoor adventures compete for attention in the grounds of the Port Eliot Estate – a grade 1 listed building in Grade 1 listed grounds which dates back to Roman times! It has been described by the Times as “the most magical festival around”.

And of course there are musical, theatrical, artistic, literary and cinematic events on offer at smaller venues throughout the summer.


But celebration is far, far more than an organised event – however exciting that event might be. Celebration is also found in quiet delight, a walk along a sunlit beach, a picnic in an enchanted wood or a fine meal in good company. In Cornwall, the opportunity for celebration can be found in all sorts of places while the sense of celebration is almost everywhere, almost tangible, the whole summer long!


Once place where you are certain to find it is inside the walls – and on the walls! – of our gallery in St Mawes. Art is, after all, the celebration of light and form and energy, the celebration of life itself and the St Mawes Gallery is a celebration of life through art!


We hope you will stop by and celebrate it with us!