St Mawes: The Art Lover’s Secret Haven

It’s no great secret that Cornwall is the place to be for all artists and art aficionados out there. From the incredible landscapes to that special quality of light that you just can’t find anywhere else, the Cornish coast provides a wealth of inspiration and in turn, a wealth of beautiful artwork; but what you might not know, is that St Mawes is a true hidden gem of the art world.


Opening our gallery here in St Mawes, on the Roseland Peninsula, was not a thing of chance and nor was moving to this stunning part of the world. It’s been a dream of ours to live and open our gallery in Cornwall for some time and after many visits to lots of different areas, it was abundantly clear that St Mawes had a unique quality unlike any other spot.


We wanted our gallery to offer more than unique, thought provoking and beautiful pieces to our customers; we wanted the visit to be an overall memorable experience, so the location had to be perfect. And that’s just what St Mawes is: perfect.

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My wife and I consider ourselves to be art enthusiasts, so it is an absolute pleasure to live and work somewhere we can enjoy and share that passion on a daily basis.


Aside from the fabulous work in our gallery, there’s so much more that St Mawes has to offer to those of you looking for an arty break.


Take a trip to some of these inspirational sites and soak up all of what St Mawes has to offer...


When you’re done, be sure to pop by the gallery to pick up the ideal piece of artwork to take home and remember your wonderful adventure by forever more!

St Mawes

5 Things for Art Lovers to do in St Mawes

St Anthony Head Walk


If you’re looking for breath-taking views, you can’t get much more impressive that St Anthony Head – the spirit of which has been the muse of many exceptional artists over the years.


As a relatively easy walk that has been designated as part of Cornwall’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this is an excellent activity to enjoy with all the family. Be sure to take your binoculars with you and keep an eye out for seals, dolphins and diving ducks!

St Mawes

St Mawes Castle


It would be remiss of us not to include St Mawes Castle in our list, as there’s no denying that this coastal fortress is a thing of beauty and at the heart of many fine pieces of artwork.


Expect more brilliant views of the Roseland Peninsula and plenty of exploring as you take in the exciting history of the castle and its grounds, which stretch right down to the waters of the Fal Estuary.

Lamorran House Gardens


The scenery isn’t all coastal around here; we’re lucky enough to have Lamorran House Garden, a subtropical, Italianate inspired garden, right on our doorstep!


Get lost in an eclectic mix of exotic plants and discover the wide range of intimate compartments within the grounds, from magical woodland to Zen Japanese water gardens.

Summer Regattas


We don’t fall short of fun events here in St Mawes, so be sure to get involved with one of the traditional, family-friendly regattas going on!


You’ll find a generous selection of bespoke arts and crafts made and sold by local artist at each.


There’s something for everyone, from the St Mawes Town Regatta celebrating 120 years of tradition, the exuberant Carnival Week and plenty of sailing regattas in August to an Oyster eating festival and a riotous Halloween party later in the year.

St Mawes

St Austell Society of Artists


With all of these superb things to see and do in the locale, it’s unsurprising that St Mawes has such a draw for artists.


There is a thriving artist community in St Mawes, St Austell and Portscatho which this is only proven by the fact that we have the St Austell Society of Artists and the Portscatho Society, who can often be found painting away at The New Gallery, if you're hoping to get a glimpse of artists in action!


If you're after exhibitions, art groups and amateur artist competitions all year round, this is the place to be! When you’re in St Mawes, you’ll never be far from talent and astonishing art.