Richard Holliday

Born in Cambridge in 1963, sculptor Richard Holliday stayed close to home in his early artist years and undertook his study to become the fine artist he is today at The Cambridge College of Arts and Technology, where he passed with distinction his advanced City and Guilds.


His love of working with the media of stone was present from a young age, when his inspiration was initially sparked by his immediate surroundings that were made up of the incredible historical and precise architecture around Cambridge. By 1980 with qualifications under his belt, Holliday began working stone by hand during his apprenticeship as a stonemason and from here he went on to work on prestigious buildings such as Westminster Abbey, College Chapel and Ely Cathedral. In 1989 Holliday embarked on a more personal venture, opening his own company and lending his skills to numerous public art projects and private projects besides.


Now Richard resides right here in Cornwall, sculpting fine art and also tutoring artists in the making. His work spans many subjects, from autobiographical pieces to reflections of society and life abstracted, but always with dynamic form and contagious energy, taking inspiration from the peace and beauty all around in his home of Lizard, that offers his mind the room for creative thinking.