Meet Our Artists: Walk on the Beach with Melanie McDonald

It’s hard not to be endlessly inspired by the rolling coastal scenery, crashing waves and holiday lifestyle that Cornwall has to offer, but to be able to capture all of this in such a way that not only does it justice, but also encapsulates that unique sense of home that so many speak of when visiting us here in St Mawes, is something quite remarkable.


Melanie Mcdonald treads the line between representational and abstract depictions of this incredible part of the world (and some of her other favourites too!) with a delicate balance of colour, texture and light that brings to life some of her own, personal seaside memories and somehow perfectly places the endless skies and shimmering waters of the Cornish coast on canvas.


"Whilst walking on the beach, I watch the colours of the sea and sky change. I take hundreds of photographs and then I translate the images I've seen through my camera lens onto the canvas; the photos are just a starting point - instinct and my imagination soon take over and I am painting from memory." Melanie Mcdonald

melanie mcdonald

About Melanie Mcdonald


Inspired by fellow Cornish artists, such as Kurt Jackson, Judy Buxton, Ben Nicholson and Lisa Wright as well as her surroundings on her ritualistic morning walk, Melanie has the beauty of Cornwall in her bones and it shows in her work.


It was Melanie's ambition to be a professional artist since childhood and now, working out of her 18th century farmhouse studio and 10 others before that in her 15 years of painting, she realises this dream.


Mcdonald is attracted to the shimmering light that bounces of the water’s surface and the silhouettes of family, friends and lovers enjoying the last or very beginnings of the day and so, with a striking combination of bold shapes and fluid, flowing brush strokes, she shares this with all of us.

What to Expect


With 15 years of professional painting under her belt and BA Hons in Fine Art and Textile Design, Melanie Mcdonald brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the canvas.


Gaining much of her inspiration from the Cornish landscape, where she lived for many happy years, as well as the wide skies and evocative horizons of Scotland and Brittany, Melanie’s paintings have such soul and energy that can only come from a true love and understanding of the subject matter.


Using layers of colour and varied brushwork to create lively texture, the result is a painting that transports you to a time, a place, a memory as if it was your very own. Melanie’s personal attachment to the land and each and every one of her pieces lends itself to an intimate quality that draws you in to her paintings and makes you not want to leave!

melanie mcdonald

Our Featured Work by Melanie Mcdonald


Melanie Mcdonald's lively work is a constant in St Mawes Gallery, brightening up the walls with splashes of bright blues and sea greens and wonderful textures that really bring (familiar!) scenes to life.

Melanie Mcdonald
Melanie Mcdonald
Melanie Mcdonald

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