Made in Cornwall Christmas Fair: Five Reasons to Shop Locally this Christmas

Are we allowed to say the C-word yet? Well, we’re gonna, because we couldn’t possibly have any of the St Mawes blog readers missing the amazing Made in Cornwall Christmas Fair this year! Held in Lemon Quay, Truro from the 28th November – 2nd December, this is the perfect place to pick up all your Christmas gifts and support local talent in one fell swoop.


With just under a hundred local artisans, artists and food and drink producers you’ll be spoiled for choice. From hand-made chocolates to artwork from some of the finest painters, photographers and craftspeople residing on the Cornish coast, there’s little that this event doesn’t have to offer. But aside from the incredible selection of Made in Cornwall wares, there’s something else about this highly acclaimed market that makes a visit high on our to-do list: the benefits of supporting small, local businesses.


Three Reasons to Shop Locally this Christmas


St Mawes Gallery is a small business. It’s just us, a husband and wife team, putting our all into something we love. So we know first-hand what support and better yet, a sale, means. Without you, we would not be able to be here, but your decision to shop with us doesn’t stop here, in the gallery. It extends to our entire local economy, the artists who provide us with such exceptional work and even globally, to help preserve and protect our planet that now, in the face of extreme pollution, over-consumption and over-use of plastic is in such great need.


With Christmas just around the corner, we urge everyone to become fully present to what your own, individual choices mean. It may be easier than ever to order your lot from Amazon, but do you really want to support a business that uses what is now being referred to as modern slavery? Yes, a stocking is easier to cram full of plastic knick-knacks, but do you really want to waste your money on things your loved ones don’t want or need, only to further pollute our planet? We imagine that the answer is probably, no.


On the other hand, do you love the idea of your hard-earned cash being spent on something that is created with love and care, that the recipient will truly treasure? Does it make you smile to think of the happiness your support will bring to an independent retailer or artist? Yeah, us too. And beside, what’s not to love about a festive day out? Wrapped up warm, Christmas coffee in hand, surrounding by twinkling lights, spicy scents and family and friends.


If you’re not sold on shopping locally, both at the Made in Cornwall Christmas market and right here, at our very own St Mawes Gallery, here are just a few more reasons to help make your mind up!


It is the ethical choice


Mass-production, packaging, unethical work conditions and pollution are just some of the things you can take a stand against by choosing to shop locally, buying hand-made gifts for Christmas this year.


As well as the global impact, you’ll also be making a real difference closer to home by helping small business with a healthy work ethic thrive in a difficult economic climate.


Your money will be better spent


When you buy from artisan Christmas fairs like the Made in Cornwall market, the likelihood is you’ll be buying something made with real love and care. Born from passion and talent, not a desire to make money. Because of this, you’ll probably also receive much better customer service and of course, enjoying the whole process of shopping more too!


You’ll be supporting the creation of beautiful things!

The more we choose local talent over big business, the more beautiful things we will see becoming available. And what's not to love about that?