Five Reasons Why We Love Art Galleries and You Should Too!

We live in the age of instant, well, almost instant everything. You can find the clothes, holiday, insurance, home, car, beauty products, health supplements and much more that you might want online – and buy them! Choose your dinner online and have it delivered in a fraction of the time it would take to buy the ingredients, cook them and then clear up. Download music, films, books, games... the world is literally waiting at the end of your fingertips.


And, of course, the same applies to art.


Why bother going to a museum or contemporary art gallery when you can scroll through online examples of old masters and modern greats on your computer screen and in the comfort of your own home?


Well, there are very good reasons for going to visit a property you have only seen online or for inspecting that car before you buy it. Things are not always as they appear on a screen. (Which is why buying a house or car we have only seen on the internet isn’t something most of will do.) We react to the same item in a very different way when we are physically close to something rather than looking at a digital image. And this is more true of art than it is of almost anything except food!


“People used to get excited to go to a gallery, meet an artist in person and experience a work of art. Now, with almost every image an artist makes available on the internet, more people can view the work online and decide if they like it enough to leave their house to visit the gallery, or attend the opening reception, or just stay in to watch another night of reality television...

Viewing artwork on the Internet is like walking by a gallery on a rainy night and wiping the fog from the glass to get a peek. You think you can see the art but there is a barrier obscuring your vision — distance from the actual art piece can distort your perception”, (Jason Landry, 2013)


Would anyone imagine that they could get the same impression of a restaurant from online images as from physically walking in, breathing in the smells coming from the kitchen, seeing the dishes as they are brought out, watching the interactions between staff and customers and just feeling the ambience of the place? It is not so different when it comes to the experience of online art versus the real thing – a gallery!


For art lovers, this is the single most compelling reason to visit museums and galleries. They offer a multi-dimensional, sensory experience that nothing else can match.


But for both aficionados and those who may not have thought much about art alike, there is a long list of reasons to think about putting regular gallery visits on the to-do list:


  1. They Help Develop Emotional Intelligence Through Real Experience

    Art gives us an experience like nothing else can, a chance to connect, understand, and explore perceptions, feelings, and innovative thoughts... Bringing children ...  reveals children and adults as being equally active in learning, putting them on equal standing as they create a shared understanding. It’s a democratic process." —Jamee Yung, Education Coordinator, Weisman Art Museum


Regular visits to art galleries will open up a world of creativity which can be transformative. The act of contemplating a piece of art gets the right side of the brain working and can even induce the kind of brainwaves associated with meditation. Seeing the world re-presented through the eyes of an artist encourages the viewer to really look, really see the world around him or her, sometimes in very new and different ways. Chatting to gallery owners and artists widens horizons and brings fresh and different perspectives. All in all, the regular gallery visitor is liable to develop a sharper, more peaceful and creative relationship with the world at large.


This is as true for children as for adults – and perhaps even more important. This is why going to galleries is a perfect family activity!


Bringing children reveals children and adults as being equally active in learning, putting them on equal standing as they create a shared understanding. It’s a democratic process." —Jamee Yung

They Spark Creativity


There is no clear explanation – yet – of why looking at art stimulates creativity in the viewer but there is no doubt that it happens. In years gone by art students were taken to look at and copy the old masters for exactly that reason!


There’s No Pressure


No one will hurry you through a contemporary art gallery. You can take your time looking around, asking questions, talking about what you see. There is no pressure to buy as gallery owners like us are very used to visitors who come to look without buying. After all, it is usually a desire to be immersed in art and to share it with the world that prompted them to set up a gallery in the first place!

Drop By & Take in Some Great Art...


Supporting the Local Community


Even if you don’t buy anything, visitors to a contemporary art gallery keep it vibrant and busy and that, in turn, keeps the spotlight on the gallery. And that

(as you will know from a previous blog), adds to the options and possibilities for artists.


They're Free


All that at no charge - who wouldn’t want to get make art galleries a regular part of life?