Choose Your Perfect Art: For The Living Room

Following on from our last art-buying blog ‘Choose Your Perfect Art: For The Bedroom’, in today’s blog we’ll be looking at expert tips on how you can choose the ideal piece (or pieces) of artwork to grace the most communal space in your home: The Living Room.


Perfectly placed artwork has the unique ability to completely transform a space, so making the right choice is paramount to getting the ambience you’re after in every room that you’re decorating.  Buying art is a wonderful way to make a house a home, taking a new environment and very quickly adding personal touches that truly makes it your own, as we’re discovering, having recently moved into our new Cornish abode not far from our lovely St Mawes Gallery.


Finding artwork that you love is of course number 1 on the list of ‘musts’ when it comes to selecting artwork – buying art for personal enjoyment should never be dictated by fashion or other people, as this is something that you will treasure your whole life through! But beyond that, there are certain pointers to follow when picking out something just right or choosing the perfect spot for your new purchase to reside…

living room

Don’t Match – Contrast!


If you’ve splurged on a fantastic a painting you adore, you’re probably going to want it to be noticed upon entry to your Living Room and really allow it to live up to it’s greatest potential and doing this isn’t just about the right placement within the space, it’s also about the style of the room in comparison to the style of the art.


Many art-buyers imagine that the obvious choice would be to hang a painting or place a sculpture in a room where it fits in, but in doing this you’re at risk of losing some of that wonderful room-transformational quality that art has to offer.


If you really want your artwork to pack a punch and have a room that really holds it well, going for contrast works brilliantly. Think antique furniture alongside a vibrant contemporary piece, or something classic in a modern setting – this can give your whole room a new lease of life!

living room

Focus on Living Room Lighting


Getting the lighting just right when displaying artwork is essential. What would be a brooding seascape with real depth and beauty in thoughtfully angled spotlight can become a dreary place-filler that is easily overlooked when hung in shadow.


Consider lighting when thinking about where you would like to place art in your living room. If there’s a spot where you would love to hang a painting but the lighting is less than ideal, it’s really worth looking into having some spotlighting fitted, or adding some strategic lamps into the equation.

living room

Forget Formal


Just because you have a big space to fill, that doesn’t mean that finding a huge painting is your only option: If you find that you fall in love with a selection of smaller pieces of art, an informal grid arrangement can look just as great in your Living Room!


Designer, Lauren Leiss, Author of ‘Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating’ advises "For a looser, salon-style arrangement that feels collected, start at the centre and move outwards. To keep the display from feeling haphazard, pick an overarching theme or colour”


Vertical or horizontal stacking usually works best when all of the pieces are the same sized and hung uniformly, but you can get a bit more adventurous when you’re talking about covering a wall with a collection of artwork – a great way to tell the story of your life.

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