Jeremy Houghton Exhibition 19th-30th September 2017

Bringing the best of contemporary art to the Roseland Peninsula, we are thrilled to announce the official dates for our Jeremy Houghton exhibition, right here in St Mawes Gallery!


We have been big fans of Jeremy’s work for many years so when the opportunity arose to showcase some of his finest pieces, we couldn’t wait to share it! Whether representing dynamic sports moments, rural scenes or birds in flight, his subjects have something for most tastes. But their true appeal lies in the astonishing quality of light and movement that are captured on these mesmerising canvasses.

jeremy houghton

About Jeremy Houghton


Growing up in the countryside and spending much of his twenties in South Africa, Houghton’s work often reflects his love and respect for nature, particularly birds. His depiction of birds in flight using the remarkable composition created by flocks and the space in-between offers a truly unique and evocative vision.


He has held and still holds numerous residencies in the sporting world over the last 10 years, where he is continuously informed by the notion of ‘telling the untold story’, painting iconic subjects in a punchy style full of movement and contrast that seems to transport the viewer right into the heart of the action! His mastery of light and movement captures the dynamism and drama of the moment on canvass as few others have ever done.


Jeremy uses the Japanese technique ‘ma’, which can be roughly translated as “gap”, “space” or “pause” between two structural parts. This use of negative space lets the painting suggest more than the eye can see. The result is breath taking, compelling art which never loses its power to compel and seems never to completely give up its secrets.


 Although Houghton’s focus ranges quite widely, his technique remains a constant. His precise deployment of areas of white canvas, or unpainted paper, against areas of liquid colour enables his subjects to shimmer in the liminal territory between figuration and abstraction. With extraneous detail removed, the paintings are also hard to place, giving them an ahistorical quality that serves to underline their fluidity.


He has worked on pieces for many high-profile customers such as the residents at Windsor Castle and Highgrove and competitors in Wimbledon, The Olympics and The Paralympics and now you can view his highly sought after work in our own little gallery.

jeremy houghton
jeremy houghton
jeremy houghton artwork