Interior Trends: Find Artwork to Match Your Home's Interior Design

As we start to break free from the Winter slumber and stumble into spring, refreshing the home is often high on our list of priorities. Whether a quick freshen up with a lick of paint and a few new accessories or reinventing a whole room with a new theme, its sometimes tricky not only to know where to start but also where to finish.


Picking the perfect artwork to compliment your newly chosen interior trends is a wonderful way to tie a space together...




Botanical is one of the most popular interior trends and it has really picked up speed in recent months. Although the core prints are still bold and obvious this uplifting scheme has taken a softer turn for 2019 using a desaturated colour palette for a less ‘in your face’ look. Softer, more artistic representations of varying leaves like palms and the old faithful Mostera have been featured on everything from bedding and soft furnishings to wallpaper and kitchenware.


A large tropical leaf print may seem daring, but it can hold its own as a wallpaper in large room, uplift a small space on bedding or make cushions pop against a deep blue velvet sofa.


Key colours for this look apart from the obvious leafy greens are mustard or dark yellows, fresh blues and blush pink. Paired with wood, velvet and worn in leather this look teams brilliantly with artwork featuring natural themes of wildlife and the natural world.


Lawrence Murley’s sculptures have been displayed in galleries in both the UK and across the Atlantic in America. His beautiful carved coloured stone sculptures of reptiles and amphibians give the botanical trend a quirky twist and inject fun into the scheme. Murley’s tree frogs and geckos are equally at home placed against a crisp white background or a palm print wallpaper. Used as part of a display of objects on either a mantle or shelf, make the sculptures the star by sticking to muted colours and glassware for the surrounding objects.



Ever-popular in the world of interior trends, the Scandi style is continuing into 2019 but with a slight update through the introduction of subtle hints of pattern and upping the texture to create more depth.


This is a must for anyone who loves a simplistic and clean scheme. Decluttered and calm, serene Scandi is a favourite not only for those with magazine worthy open plan living but also in smaller more traditional layouts as the attention to clever storage helps clear floors of clutter and creates an airy feel no matter the size of room with which you are working.


To achieve this look, stick to key neutral colours such as whites and very soft greys teamed with warming materials like wool, sheepskin, wicker and light-coloured woods.This pared back look is perfect for displaying moody, abstract artwork in stronger colours such as deep blues, greens and darker greys and introducing mustard yellow.


Alan Stratford produces work that has been described as ‘brooding, near abstract masterpieces which are both endlessly evocative and atmospheric’. Having recently moved to Cornwall, Stratford’s paintings are inspired by the beautiful and dramatic landscape of the local area. Their portrayal of the Cornish coast fits the Scandi style perfectly. Not only because of the moody palette but the way the colours dance and blend in the beautiful way only oil paintings can. Place alone on the wall to create a stunning and dramatic focal point in the room or in a collection of artworks featuring similar colours to create a gallery wall that tells a story through tone, shade and topic.

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Sophisticated Glamour


With less glitzy sheen, 2019’s sophisticated glamour trend is more about luxury materials and fine decorative detail. Still echoing the chic style of the 1920s Art Deco shapes are continuing to appear alongside fringing which is on everything from statement lampshades to cushions.


Indulgent materials like marble and velvet are key to this trend. Colours like dusky pinks and blue tinged greys compliment the metallics which are much more matte. Highly polished chrome has given way to a less harsh sliver and, although still popular, brass is more understated and muted.


Wendy Parkyn’s delve into cubism is the perfect match for this trend. Residing in Cornwall for the past 30 years, the Self-taught artist’s recent seascape paintings have a certain Art Deco quality about them. Their sharp lines and block colour pair perfectly with the straight edged furniture this theme prefers. The almost monochrome ‘View from Rock’ would catch the eye as it is a stark contrast to the brighter pinks of the sophisticated glamour trend but has enough grey and blue tones to sit in the theme comfortably. Parkyn’s bold depiction of the Cornish coastline in acrylics would easily stand proudly over a mantel piece or create a focal point where the room lacks its own. A perfect match for this, and other interior trends.