Meet Our Artists: Gerry Hillman - Inspired by Cornish Landscapes

The spectacular light and colour of the Cornish landscape inspired Gerry Hillman from an early age. He discovered oil painting at the age of eighteen when, without any formal training, he began using oil paints to capture the magical scenery of his native Cornwall, the magic that had captured him from his boyhood. His work has been in demand ever since and it isn’t hard to see why.

His subjects are more varied, now, than the landscapes which first made him famous. They are often human and intimate. Sometimes he paints the mythical or fantastical but, always, he captures that play of light and colour that first drew Gerry Hillman to begin painting.

We are delighted to be able to share his work through our gallery and to help to bring the special magic of Gerry Hillman to those who still know that we all need a little magic in our lives from time to time!

About Gerry Hillman

Born in 1948, Gerry Hillman was never formally trained as an artist. Instead, his academic studies and early career were science based; he worked as medical writer, a planning consultant and a science teacher. But by the time he was thirty-three, (in 1981), art had taken over his life. In that year, he became a full time artist, exhibiting in galleries, painting on commission and mounting numerous, successful one man shows.  

Today, Gerry Hillman lives in Linkinhorne with his partner, Lois. He paints in a log cabin, near a pool in a wooded river valley on the edge of Bodmin Moor. He shares this life with the Moorland ponies that graze up to their garden wall and the wildlife of the Moor.

From the overgrown and ruined smokestacks of old tin and copper mines to prehistoric settlements and workings the Cornish landscape continues to inspire him and he continues to capture its magic in oils, as he has done for over fifty years.

What to Expect


Representational in style, his work is, (occasionally), close to photographic in the exactness of its depiction, as you can see from our own collection of his works.  More often, though, it is simply vivid -so full of the detail and nuance of light and colour that the canvasses can seem alive.

But whether his subject is landscape or the human form, an actual person or place or a scene inspired by myth or legend, in Hillman’s work the key element is always light and what it illuminates. It is this facility with the creation of light on canvas which makes his work appear to breathe. This is part of the magic of his painting and part of what makes Gerry Hillman such a successful artist.

Our Featured Work by Gerry Hillman


In many ways, the Gerry Hillman paintings on display at the Mawes Gallery show the quintessential master of light and colour.


Whether the subject of a painting is a ruined smoke stack on the moor, a figure at the edge of the sea or a rocky Winterscape, you will seem to feel the touch of the setting sun or the cool of the ‘wolf moon’ or the biting cold of winter as you look into the canvas. And we think that’s certainly something worth experiencing!


Why not come in and see for yourself?

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