Discover Your ‘Blue Mind’ Through Cornish Coast Artwork

Anyone who has paid a visit to the Cornish Coast will know the incredible feeling of peace and relaxation that just takes over as soon as you set foot on this little corner of Britain and even more so if you have had the pleasure of taking in the stunning sea views and blue flag beaches. As it turns out, there’s more to this than just holiday bliss, as anyone who lives here can attest to – this joyous out state of mind is actually something that goes hand in hand with being near water.


Dr Wallace J Nichols is the man behind the research of what is now known as Blue Mind: a mildly meditative state characterized by calm, peacefulness, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment, inspired by water.


This exploration into an emerging field, dubbed ‘Neuroconservation’, has revealed that simply being by the sea has the potential to reduce stress, balance hormones, accelerate healing and even boost creativity and empathy. Amazingly, it’s not just the sea itself that can imbue the senses and bestow these benefits, even elements associated with water such as the colour blue, the words we use to describe the sensations associated with immersion and artwork featuring seascapes can do the job, meaning that wherever you live in the world, you can bring a little bit of Blue Mind home with you in the form of some of the beautiful Cornish Coast paintings we have exhibited, here in St Mawes Gallery.


Bringing ‘Blue Mind’ Home


We pride ourselves on keeping an exceptional collection of artwork inspired by our beloved Cornish Coast, so when you come by for a look at what’s on offer you’ll be spoilt for choice!


Whether it’s one of Melanie McDonald’s light yet evocative canvases, depicting what could be one of your own fond memories of a walk along the seafront, or David Grey’s textured and technical masterpieces, there’s something for everyone. But once you’ve made your choice and taken it home, how can you use it to tap into your Blue Mind?

Melanie Mcdonald
The Spirit of Cornwall by Melanie McDonald
david gray
Taking the Ferry to Falmouth by David Gray

Aside from getting up close and personal with a body of water, one of the next best things is to use coastal artwork to move yourself into a contemplative state, similar to that of being by the sea. Try standing and looking at the artwork for a few moments, breathing deeply and steadily and allow your mind to wander into the image, pulling on your own memories of the sounds, scents and sensations of being at the water’s edge. Then let Dr Wallace J Nichols guide you, with this quote:


‘To tap into our Blue Mind, we must close down the screens, log out, stand up and walk outside. From here, we travel until we glimpse the water, then move closer until we’re at its edge. We can walk along its shores, climb onto a boat or board or strip down and submerge. Here, the auditory, visual and somatic processing is simplified. Assuming we’ll feel comfortable and safe, our minds and bodies can be restored. Our brain switches into a different mode where creativity, insight and connections with others are enhanced. We are open to the experiences of awe and wonder which can boost empathy and compassion. Our breathing and heart rate tends to slow down. We let our minds wander and dream. Waterside is a place for play, romance, a sense of peace and freedom, contemplation, grieving and remembering.’ Dr Wallace J Nichols


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