Meet Our Artists: David Gray Paints the Cornish Coast

We like to keep a wide range of artwork in our little gallery, with artists providing us with fantastic work from all over the UK inspired by their travels and experiences across the world; but there’s nothing quite like having having a local artist bringing our new home town of St Mawes and the surrounding areas to life on canvas with vibrant splashes of blue seas, colourful and characterful boats and wildlife and wonderful embedded textures.


Introducing David Gray: our very own St Mawes resident artist...


There's no denying that Cornwall has always been and still is a constant inspiration to artists across the globe, so as a painter living and working in St Mawes it only makes sense that David's muse surrounds him each and every day, in the form of this wonderful location.


From traditional harbours that you'll see so many of dotted around here, colourful sailing boats akin to those racing in our annual regattas and even the varied wildlife of Cornwall, David depicts every aspect of coastal living with a charm on canvas that is hard to rival.

david gray

About David Gray


David began his early days as an artist training at Coventry College of Art and Design, where his study in Technical Illustration led him to the the South West into the boat construction industry.


This, in turn, landed him with his unique style and passion for painting the beautiful coastal scenes complete with beautifully accurate boats and lighthouses that are around him today, here in the Roseland Peninsula.

What to Expect


Using techniques that combine the process of both technical, draftsman-style painting using acrylic on board with embedded texture (created with torn material such as jeans with buttons and zips!), each piece of David’s artwork is truly individual and multi-dimensional.


David applies acrylic paint in thick layers before glazing, buffing and scraping with knives, fingers and cloth for a distressed finish which is very much his signature style.


David Gray now lives and paints in St Mawes, not far from our gallery, meaning that his work very often features the stunning views of the rolling coastline and wild, deep blue seas that we get to enjoy simply by looking out of our window every day! If you’re looking for something to immortalise your trip or life here in this beautiful peninsula, you may just find what your looking for here in our gallery…

david gray

Our Featured Work by David Gray


We are lucky enough to have a wide selection of David’s exceptional work gracing our walls and his talents never fail to impress. Stop by St Mawes Gallery to take in some of his finest pieces and enjoy an artist’s take on this beautiful part of the world.


Commissions are available on request to any size, on board or canvas, framed or unframed.

david gray
david gray
david gray
david gray

View David Gray Artwork