5 Reasons Why Every Home Needs Coastal Artwork

As a Cornish gallery, it was always inevitable that we were going to want to feature a whole host of seascapes and beach scenes created by multiple, talented artists here in St Mawes Gallery. It’s impossible not to feel inspired by the incredible scenery that we have surrounding us every day and we know that those who visit us here, whether fellow locals or holiday-makers feel the same way. Because of this, it seemed obvious to us that having coastal artwork in the home would have a similar affect making it, in our minds, something that every house out there should have gracing the walls.

coastal art

Here are 5 reasons why every home needs coastal artwork:

Expand a Small Space


Making a small room into a space worth being in is a challenge that even many professional interior designers struggle with, but ask any of them and one thing they’ll tell you is that having a piece of art depicting a wide open space on the wall can work wonders.


The last thing you want to do is add any sense of clutter to a small room, so the coastal artwork you choose needs to be something airy and bright, like the beautiful paintings we have available in our gallery by Melanie Mcdonald.

Melanie Mcdonald

Recreate Carefree Days


There’s no keepsake quite like a beautiful piece of art that takes you back to some of your fondest memories and anyone who has spent time here in St Mawes and the surrounding areas will agree that the Cornish coast is somewhere that you can’t help but fall in love with.


Find coastal artwork that keeps those carefree days fresh in your mind and experience the salty sea air and beach frolics every time you look at it.

coastal artwork

Find a Sense of Calm


As we discussed in our blog ‘Choose Your Perfect Art: For the Bedroom’, the colours and subjects of paintings that your choose to hang in your home can really affect the overall mood of a room and in turn, yourself.


Those sea colours of blues, greens, whites and greys are all known for inducing relaxation, as are scenes of calm waters, open skies and bobbing boats; so if you’re looking to instil a sense of calm in a room, coastal artwork is a great choice.

david gray

A Room with a View


No-one likes a room without windows, but often it can’t be helped! Fortunately, having a piece of coastal artwork hanging on the wall in such a space can make a world of difference.


Create your own seaside view where-ever you are in the world by decorating a windowless wall with your favourite coastal painting. We’ve got a fantastic selection to choose from in a wide variety of styles. From classic styles by Nicholas St John Rosse to quirky illustrative pieces by David Gray, there's coastal artwork to suit all tastes.

Want some coastal artwork for your home? Take a look at our artists page to see what we have on offer at St Mawes Gallery.