3 Reasons Why You Need Office Art & How to Choose it

Enter a dental surgery, a publishing house, a solicitor’s office…you name it – any place of business worth it’s salt will have art on the walls and there’s good reason for it.


There’s something about office art that really informs you about where you are and it’s power is often underestimated. It sets the scene- or alters it; it tells a company’s story and it evokes feelings of comfort, formality, excitement and even much of the time, a feeling of quality. Office art is about so much more than making a room look pretty: it can actually have a huge impact on your business.

Just as with any other room in the house, the ‘rules’ about art in the kitchen are important to get right if you want to make the most of the space and your beloved art pieces.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Office Art

  1. Happier, Healthier & More Productive Employees

Research performed by Exeter University’s School of Psychology has shown that employees who are given the freedom to design and decorate their work environment are all-round happier, healthier and up to 32% more productive in the workplace.


The study, involving over 2000 participants showed that productivity and positivity was upped by 17% purely by allowing employees to work in an ‘enriched environment’ (decorated with artwork and plants) and 34% when they were empowered to design their own area.


As a business owner, it would be remiss to leave your employees working in a bland landscape and as an employee, you can instantly improve your mental wellbeing by adding a piece of art into your office.

Find Art For Your Office

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  1. Create The Feel of Success


The first impression that your clients or customers get from your place of business is everything! You’d be amazed at how much people are swayed into making a purchase or encouraged to feel at ease simply by enjoying their surroundings.

An enormous office and expensive furniture isn’t required to make your workplace look successful – all it needs is one or two carefully selected and placed pieces of office art. Choose pieces that fit your businesses ‘personality’ to reflect what you’re all about from the get-go.

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  1. Increase Comfort for Yourself & Your Customers


Aside from looking and feeling ‘successful’, clients, customers and employees feel much happier in an environment that puts them at ease.


Having cold, bare walls and an office that looks like it’s unfinished does not equate to a comfortable setting for anyone, and this is easily remedied with office art without having to break the bank.

Now you know why you need it, it’s time to figure out how to choose the right artwork to suit your business needs. Here are some points to consider:

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Choose Office Art That Reflects Who You Are


Art is a very personal thing and so the works that you choose to display say a lot about who you are and what your personality is – this is true for both home art and office art.


Of course, when putting art up in your office, the personality that we’re looking to showcase is that of your brand, so know what that is before you make your purchase. Are you a company with homely or traditional values? Are you a contemporary brand with cutting edge ideas? How you wish to be seen impacts to colours, designs and images that you choose.

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Alter The Atmosphere


Office art can totally alter the atmosphere of your work space, so choose wisely! If you’re hoping to spur your employees into feeling creative, positive and energised go for bright, fresh colours and bold imagery.


If you’re looking to create feelings of warmth and comfort, look for tones and themes that suit. Remember that framing also plays a part here and can completely change the overall look and feel of a piece of art.

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Consider First Impressions


Buying office art is not the same as buying art for your living room, as when choosing which artwork to hang you must be thinking about your prospective customers more than yourself. Artwork rarely goes unnoticed, which is great if you make the right choice and detrimental if you don’t!


Being that the art is going to be filling your work space, of course you have to enjoy looking at it too, but the main aim here is to choose artwork that creates the right first impression to those entering your office. A picture is worth a thousand words, so think about what you’re trying to say…