Choose Your Perfect Art: For The Kitchen

It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of a home and if yours is a place where good food is shared with good company, this is certainly true.


As a nation, we are spending more time in the kitchen, eating, talking and relaxing with friends and family - as well as creating the meals that fuel our lives. The farmhouse kitchen, (where people can congregate to talk, drink and snack while dinner is prepared and then sit down together to eat), is increasingly popular while even tiny kitchens are making space for bistro style table and chairs. Regardless of whether or not you eat in your kitchen, it is without a doubt somewhere that you’ll be spending a good chunk of your home-life, making it the perfect place to hang the perfect artwork.


Art in the kitchen can transform this room from a purely functional, to an aesthetic and recreational area and it also has the ability to make a small space seem much larger or vice versa if placed poorly, creating clutter!


Just as with any other room in the house, the ‘rules’ about art in the kitchen are important to get right if you want to make the most of the space and your beloved art pieces.

Create Harmony with Art


It’s very easy to make a kitchen feel messy, with kitchen appliances across the counters, washing up by the sink and foo prep when you come to make your meals, so the key to getting kitchen art right is to create space and harmony, rather than add to any existing chaos!


Unlike our advice for buying art for your living room, where contrasting styles can work really well, the opposite usually applies in the kitchen so it’s a good idea to look to artwork that fits with the colours of the walls, appliances and furniture for a more streamlined use of the space and a well balanced room.

No Window? No Problem!


A windowless kitchen isn’t much fun, but there are lots of them out there. If you’re missing a view as you fry up your eggs or do the washing up, try hanging a large, vibrant painting on a glorious view on a main wall, to act as a stand-in.

Our favourite views in the world are all around us here in the Roseland Peninsula, so how about snapping up a painting by one of our local artists who feel the same way? We’ve got an incredible range of inspiring landscape paintings that would be the perfect addition to any kitchen wall.

Find Art For Your Kitchen

Setting the Mood


As well as getting the style right for the room, you want artwork for the kitchen that works with the mood and feel you want to create in your home’s ’hub’.


The kitchen is one place where everyone should have a sense of excitement and creative stimulation, so choose art that makes you feel happy and inspired, every time you look at it! Your palette (both artistic and culinary) will thank you for it.


A fantastic piece of artwork might make you happy because it is just so beautifully and brilliantly executed or because you love the subject matter so much or because it is a riot of colours that just make you smile every time you see them. Whatever the reason, when you look at art that you love, art that makes you feel happy, your brain produces a tiny bit of dopamine and you feel good about whatever you are about to do - always a plus when you are getting ready to produce a meal!

Colours are Key


Certain colours, such as grey, brown, black and blue have actually been shown to diminish appetite due to their overall calming and sobering effect on the subconscious (making these shades perfect for the bedroom!), so it’s best to keep these out of the kitchen.


For the opposite effect, choose art that is full of reds and yellows as studies show that these ‘energetic, happy’ colours have the ability to raise blood pressure very slightly, creating a sense of excitement which stimulates the appetite and encourages people to feel comfortable in their surroundings.


Art is powerful, physically and emotionally; it can have an almost magical effect. Choosing art that works well in the kitchen is like making magic happen in your own home.