Meet Chloe Elliott: Life, From a Different Point of View

Waves, caught in the moment of gathering or breaking, like the moment between two breaths; dark and light and deep and mysterious. Canvass after canvass by Chloe Elliott, a new addition to our gallery, convey the sense and experience, not just of the sea, but of an entire ocean stored within a single wave. Her aerial paintings seem so powerful and real that they force you to stop and look again – and then again.


Of course, from her Cornish home, Chloe Elliott enjoys an almost unlimited opportunity to study the waves that form and break along the coast. And as a surfer, she actually enters physically into the moving, elemental forms which she then translates into fixed pigments and shapes. Both those things might go just a little way to explaining her unique ability to say, through her painting, something uniquely compelling. But the true explanation, as always, lies in the remarkable talent of the artist herself.


All of which explains why we are so thrilled to include her work at the St. Mawes Gallery.


Elliott is not simply a seascape artist. It isn’t that her paintings appear to move, so much as that they appear to have captured the power of an ocean in a single, frozen moment. And you sense an immensity of movement behind and within them. Time and again they really do achieve the hugely ambitious goal that drives this artist, that of showing, in the artist’s own words, “how a wave can be stopped in time”.

Chloe Elliott

About Chloe Elliott


Chloe undertook a foundation degree at Kingston University, London and then studied Illustration at Falmouth University in Cornwall from 2012. She worked as an illustrator of children’s books receiving recognition and acclaim and having four of her own books published.


She once said in an interview that she has been an artist for her whole life and she has always been passionate about painting. She is also passionate about the outdoors. Walking the Cornish cliffs, surfing and travelling provide much of the inspiration for her vivid, textured and arresting works.


Her paintings have been exhibited privately and have featured in numerous interior design magazines, including The World of Interiors.


She lives and works in Cornwall where she continues to be inspired by her surroundings.

What to Expect


Expect to be halted in your tracks by the power of these amazing aerial views of the ocean, by waves and surfers “stopped in time” by paint on canvass. Perhaps this is what the gull sees, soaring above the immensity of the sea below. Most of all, the sense of immensity is what Chloe Elliott’s work conveys. That sense is something that most of us have when we look at the sea but it is very rare to experience it in a painting! And it is even rarer when it is combined with a feeling of intimacy, of texture and light and depth that you can almost touch. Don’t take our word for it! And if we sound a bit over excited, maybe even guilty of a tiny bit of exaggeration? Check it out for yourself. You can get a very good impression of her work on her own website at Chloe Best of all, of course, is to drop by the gallery and see the real thing. If you’re in the area we hope you’ll do just that.

Chloe Elliott

Our Featured Work by Chloe Elliott


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