The Art of Giving: Tips on How to Buy Original Artwork as a Gift

With Christmas coming up (we’re allowed to say that now, with Halloween out of the way!) our minds are starting to turn to the art of giving and finding the perfect gifts for our loved ones this year.


Buying art for another may be a daunting prospect to many, but with a little consideration regarding how to choose the ideal piece for the lucky recipient, original artwork really does make the most wonderful present. A thoughtful, personal gift with options for everyone and a lifetime of enjoyment to give.


However, whilst buying art for your family and friends is undeniably a wonderful thing to do, we appreciate that deciding upon a single piece for a certain someone can be challenging, so today we’re going to help you with some of our best art giving advice…


An Everlasting Memento


Our favourite reason for giving the gift of art has got to be to immortalise a memory of a dearly loved family holiday, a favourite place in the world or a special moment shared. If the lucky recipient of your gifted artwork has, like so many others, spent dreamy days here on the Cornish coast then you’ll be spoiled for choice with painting options at St Mawes Gallery!


With a selection of our resident artists painting local beach and harbour scenes that they themselves think of so fondly, you’ll be hard pressed to not find something that a Cornwall-lover won’t adore.


Think about some of the best times you’ve spent together, where you were and what will always trigger that memory and find the piece of art that delivers that.


Consider the Space


It’s only kind to consider the space in which the recipient of the gift has to hang or place the art that you’re planning on buying from them, as presenting someone who lives in a dinky flat with an enormous canvas leaves them in a bit of a quandary!


If you know their home well, have a think about where a new piece of art could go and buy accordingly, although of course don’t be offended if they decide to put it somewhere completely different.


Plenty of space? Well then the world is your oyster!

Fit for Purpose


Perhaps you’re thinking of buying someone art because you know that they actually have a space that they want to fill. If this is the case, then you need to make sure that you get the dimensions right.


If you can sneakily get in there with a measuring tape, then do! The more accurate you are about measurements the more perfect the gift will be.


Take a look at our blog ‘St Mawes Gallery ‘Hammer & Nail’ Art Hanging Tips’ for advice on how to hang artwork beautifully with the correct measurements (which will help you to choose the best size) or read our blog on ‘No Hang’ display tips for some other quirky placement ideas.


Buy Art for Them


The most important thing to remember when buying art as a gift is that you are buying for them, not for you.


People often go wrong with gift giving when they assume that because they love it, the recipient will too, but this is not so – especially when it comes to artwork!


Do some sly digging to find out if they have a favourite artistic style or artist to get an idea of what they are really drawn to in the art world and bear in mind the style of their home and previous purchases too.

Ready to start shopping? Come and visit us in St Mawes Gallery for a potter around our showroom and don’t hesitate to ask us for help if you’re stuck deciding – we’re always more than happy to assist in any way that we can!