New Artwork? Try These 'No-Hang' Display Tricks in Your Home

Love the idea of having beautiful artwork in your home but don’t love the idea of having to sacrifice your walls to enjoy it? Fear not! The new craze taking over the art-world of ‘no-hang’ ways to display might just be the answer you’re looking for…


Hanging artwork with a picture hook and nail is most definitely not your only option when it comes to making the most of a newly bought piece in your home. In fact, you can give your home a whole new artistic over-haul that brings your chosen room straight into more of a contemporary cool dwelling rather than traditionalist art collector’s abode.


We love these fun, creative ‘no-hang’ ways to display art – we might even have to try some ourselves in St Mawes Gallery!


Put Artwork on an Easel


An easel isn’t only for artwork in progress, it’s also a fantastic way to display the finished article!


In the right space, an easel can look effortlessly cool and even negate the need for a frame – sometimes cutting the cost if you were thinking of getting one made up. This won’t work in a cluttered room, so before you go for this, clear a good space for the easel to go free from clutter. Think of it like a featured gallery piece and you’re on the right track.


Use a Prop


Similar to the easel but perhaps more of an integrated look than a stand alone gallery feel. Try a ladder for not only a great place to pop up your new artwork but also a handy (and cheap!) shelving unit for books and select ornaments. Just take care not to overcrowd it – you don’t want the artwork to get lost.


Do the Wall Lean


An extra large canvas can look amazing on the floor leaning up against the wall, or a group of 2 or three frames arranged, leaning together on a shelf or sideboard works too. It gives artwork a very ‘accessible’ feel and makes it more homely than fancy, whilst still looking very chic.


Use simple, matching frames for groups to make it looks more deliberate than ‘I just couldn’t be bothered to hang these’!

Hang from a String


If your house is an old-build, you may well have molding high up on the walls and this can make for great hanging material, without the need for holes. Get yourself some S-shaped hooks and your choice of wire or strong string (copper and twine look great!).


Tie your art onto the string and then place the hooks over the molding for a free-hanging display. Try putting a selection of smaller pieces together on one wall (and maybe throw a mirror or two in as well) for an at-home exhibition.

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Make a Pairing


Use your artwork as part of a display, rather than the focal point. You can really have fun with this and create a pairing or group of items that you just love and wouldn’t normally work as décor, such as attractive booze bottles, knick-knacks from a vintage shop, travel memorabilia, family heirlooms or tokens from a special day.


Again, don’t clutter. Remember that although it might seem like an odd grouping you are aiming to bring these pieces together as a whole; consider this when you’re choosing which items to put alongside which artwork and try different arrangements until you get it right.


Make Your Mantle the Focal Point


If you’ve got a mantelpiece, chances are that it’s in a nice focal point in the room, making it the obvious place to put either a large painting or a few smaller ones. You might be used to seeing artwork hung above a mantle but this really isn’t necessary. Clear the mantelpiece of gubbins and use it to draw attention to your artwork instead. Simple, elegant and eye-catching.