5 Artist Tips to Unlock Your Creativity & Inspire Your Best Artwork

As I sit in our lovely St Mawes Gallery, it’s hard not to feel just a little big smug that *this* is supposed to be work!


Being surrounded by beautiful artwork in the Roseland Peninsula, such an exceptionally picturesque part of the world, is nothing short of inspiring, so today I thought I’d write a blog giving all of you budding artists out there some fun ideas on how to get creative.


The only thing better than buying fantastic artwork is producing your own…

1. Try Something New


It’s so easy to get stuck in a creative rut or struggle to find that initial spark to get going and great artwork rarely comes when forced – you’ve got to let loose a bit and enjoy what you’re doing to really get a masterpiece on the go!


So how can you encourage your creative side to make an appearance?


Try something new, both in life and in the media and technique that you’re choosing to paint, draw or sculpt with. Experiment with a really huge canvas and go abstract or lay the paintbrush down and turn your hands to some clay instead.


Make a list of all the bizarre things you’ve always wanted to try, both art related and not, and then tick them off one by one. There’s nothing more inspirational than life itself, so you’d better get living it!


2. Let Your Subconscious Take Over


Sometimes the biggest obstacles in our way are of our own making, so how about letting your back-brain sit in the front seat for a while and giving your logical mind a rest?


A fun task that has the potential to produce some interesting artwork (or at least some interesting ideas) is to grab a pad of paper or canvas, close your eyes and scribble for 10 seconds!


Open your eyes, take a look and see if any shapes or images jump out at you – you’ll be surprised at what takes form, seemingly out of nothing.


3. Observe Everything


So much that goes on in daily life could be the ideal inspiration for a magnificent piece of artwork, but more often than not we’re too preoccupied to see it. Go about your day with your artist hat on and look at everyone and everything as a potential subject for your work.


Consider people’s facial expressions and gestures; watch the movement of the world around you in different weather and soak up the unusual shapes cast by shadow and light.


If you struggle to imagine what things might look like as a photo or a painting, try using your fingers and thumbs as a view finder – this can show you a whole new take on an otherwise ordinary setting.


4. Go with The Flow


There are many times that even the best artists experience a creative block, but usually professionals will just have to push through and see what happens.


Even if you’re not feeling particularly inspired and you’ve go no idea what you might like to make or paint, you’ve got nothing to lose by just giving it a go and seeing where the process takes you! You may find that once you start, the creative juices start flowing.



5. A New Perspective


Has your creative block struck slap bang in the middle of a piece of artwork? When you’ve been working on something for a long time it can get quite tricky to view it objectively to see what needs more work and where, or if it needs any more work at all!


A pro artist tip in this situation is to look at your artwork from a new angle to assess the balance of colour and form. Turn it upside down, view in from the side or try looking at it through a large mirror on the wall opposite.