Art is Better than Flowers: Buy Art for your Loved One This Valentine’s Day

Art, in many forms, has been a true language of love since records began. Before there were the words to convey meaning, there was art. The passion, emotion and deep connection we all have to creative process is engrained deep within our souls, so what better way to show how much you care this Valentine’s Day, than by selecting a piece of artwork to speak for you.


Buying art for someone can be a wonderful experience, but there’s no denying that it can also be a daunting one. That’s why we have written a whole blog for you on how to do it! Plus, we’re always here to help. Just pop by our gallery in the heart of St Mawes or give us a call and we’ll guide you to find the ideal piece.


But this Valentine’s gift doesn’t have to be bought solo. In fact, sharing the experience of buying art together can make it all the more special and the memory of doing so, to celebrate this romantic day, will remain a part of the painting, print, photograph or sculpture you decide upon, forever more!


So this year, skip the chocolates and flowers and instead, treat your loved one to a much more meaningful gift…

cornwall art

Art is moving and deeply personal


A picture speaks a thousand words – that old saying is absolutely true. And while you could spend the day whispering sweet nothings (in fact, why not do that as well?!) you can say it all with one, exceptional piece of artwork.


A beautiful painting never wilts


A bunch of flowers is wonderful to receive, but before long the blooms fade away and their impression is a distant memory. Art, however is a very different kind of bouquet. One filled with life and vibrancy from the moment of its creation. One which can (and will) brighten your home and maybe even your children or grandchildren’s home for many, many years to come. A little more expensive than roses, yes, but worth every penny.


It’s a gift you can both love


A relationship that truly works is one in which a world is shared. Moral values, a taste in wine, humour – anything that really matters to you. Finding a piece of art which both of you adore is something very special, particularly if the emotion and meaning conveyed by it is mutual.


The experience of buying is part of the fun!


Visiting St Mawes Gallery to purchase your Valentine’s Day artwork makes a wonderful experience all on its own. Whether you’re coming for a day trip from somewhere local or indulging in a romantic few days away, the memory of making the journey to choose a piece of art together is one that will stay with you forever.


While you’re here, there’s plenty more for you to enjoy besides our lovely little gallery. Take a look at our blog ‘Here’s Why You Need to Visit St Mawes in 2019’ to get an idea of what our amazing town has to offer.