Art Galleries in Cultural Capitals of the World: Visit Paris

We’re more than half way through one of the wettest summers on record, with August the soggiest since records began in 1910! And although it may already feel like summer is over, there’s just time to take off for a relaxing week or two somewhere warm, exciting and – above all – different.


Perhaps you’re contemplating a trip to one of the cultural capitals of the world, say Paris, Madrid, New York or Milan. (We’re almost always contemplating one, even if getting round to actually doing it is just that bit harder!)


If you’re anything like us, at least part of your planned itinerary will involve visiting some world famous art galleries and museums. Because there is nothing quite like standing in front of a piece of art you have heard about, read about and seen images of and finally being able to say ‘I have seen that’! It’s a wonderful feeling. Especially when the original exceeds all your expectations and the experience is something that remains with you, rich and deep and lasting after the mementoes have long been lost or broken or forgotten.

art in paris

But there’s another art experience which is just as rich, just as exciting and just as lasting. That is the discovery of the little known, the undiscovered, the unexpected or the hidden jewel. You bring it back with you like your very own buried treasure and it sheds a warm glow over every holiday memory you make.


That’s why, if you are thinking about visiting any of the great international culture centres, we recommend doing just a little research to find out what surprising or little noticed riches others may have uncovered off the beaten track. To get you started, we have put together a series of blogs to share a few of our favourite, lesser-known spots in the world for viewing some magnificent art!

art in paris

Visit Paris – Art in the City


In Paris, you’ll be hard pressed to do justice to even one of the ‘greats’, (we are thinking of the Louvre, the Musee D’Orsay or the Palace of Versaille), no matter how much time you have at your disposal. And of course, there are hundreds of less well known but electrifying art galleries spread throughout the city and its surrounds. So a trip to this beloved city is something to be carefully planned and, we suggest, revisited often!


Decide in advance what pieces, paintings or exhibitions you most want to see and choose just one major gallery or else make short trips to several. But while you are there, be sure to do something different: Visit the world’s first floating art centre on the River Seine!


Fluctart is a 1000-square metre space on three levels with a mission to connect street artists from all walks of life while giving them the space to present their collections. It promotes emerging urban artists as well as exhibiting the work of luminaries such as Bansky and Shepard Fairey. It is located at the Pont des Invalides, the city’s lowest bridge across the river and is open all year round. And did we mention that admission is free?


If you make it to Paris, we’d love to hear about it! Send us your photos on Facebook or tag us on Instagram to share with the St Mawes Gallery and everyone here in wonderful Cornwall.