New Art? Don’t Make These 5 Common Mistakes…

Perfect art displaying is…well…an art in and of itself! Everyone has their own way of doing things of course and the way you choose to decorate your home will largely inform what you put on the walls and where, but despite this, there are some pro art display techniques that can really make artwork stand out and come to life, and mistakes that are commonly made which do the opposite.


Here are a few art display faux pas and how to fix them:


Hanging Too High or Too Low


Spot on placement is key when hanging on walls, both with regards to keeping the piece level and getting it hung with exactly the right distance between the floor, ceiling and surrounding furniture.


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Lack of Variety


Keeping things a bit ‘samey’ is a play-it-safe mistake that many people make with art, and whilst it might seem as though having nicely matched pieces that colour co-ordinate with the room is a sure fire way to avoid messing it up it’s actually the opposite.


Artwork on the wall is the ideal way to break things up a bit, creating a sense of space and delivering a contemporary designer feel. Avoid clashing, but don’t be afraid to hang a very modern looking piece in a more traditionally decorated room or throw in a splash of colour that can’t be found elsewhere.


Not Using Negative Space


You know when you look at an image of a beautiful room that looks incredibly but when you try to recreate it, things just don’t seem to pull together? This largely comes down to negative space – the interior design trick that sets apart the pro from the novice.


There’s much more to utilising negative space than just leaving a room looking stark. It’s about careful placement of what you do have in the room and allowing certain areas to just be.


Master the art of using negative space in your home with our step by step blog.


Going for the Wrong Scale


There’s a place for art of all shapes and sizes, both big and small, but putting something tiny in a spot that calls for a larger piece or vice versa can lead to disaster – décor wise.


However, that’s not to say that going for out of scale is always a bad thing, in fact, doing this on purpose can look great, but it must look intentional. If you’re making a feature of your chosen piece of art being big or small, then don’t be shy about it. Go big or go home!

Only Using the Walls


Good news for those of you not keen on putting holes in the walls – art doesn’t need to be hung to look fantastic. There are all sorts of ways to get creative with your display, from large pieces leaning against the wall on the floor to propping it up on a mantelpiece.


Have fun, experiment and see what you come up with.


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