Choose Your Perfect Art: For The Bedroom

Buying art for your home is a wonderful experience, but choosing the perfect piece to fit in with both your décor and the feel of a room can be a challenge for those of us who aren’t professional curators.


But there are ways in which you can steer your attention to selecting the ideal painting, sculpture or whatever else might have caught your eye, to match your needs as well as being something that you treasure forever.


In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at how to find art that works like a dream in your home’s inner sanctum: your bedroom…

Consider The Mood


Having art in a room can drastically alter the overall feeling of the space, so when you’re dressing your bedroom, it is important to consider the mood that you hope to achieve in this area of restful sleep and relaxation.


Psychologists often suggest that you keep your bedroom reserved for sleep, only: no TV watching, no hanging out during the day and no mirrors. The theory is, that by training your brain into knowing that once you enter your bedroom it’s time to doze off, you’ll experience a much deeper and more satisfying sleep as well as finding it easier to fall asleep in the first place.


The art you choose to hang on your bedroom walls has the potential to have a similar effect on your brain, as studies have shown that certain colours, shapes and themes will usually induce relaxation and a sense of safety and calmness, whereas others can pep you up by stimulating creativity, concentration or even anxiety.


Although there are ‘standards’ for this, everyone is individual and so what works for you will be unique! Whilst viewing the art you're considering buying, try to imagine how you would like to feel in your bedroom as see if this particular piece of art takes you there. For some, a blue/green sea scape will envelop them in a sense of tranquillity but for others, perhaps an expansive open space will amplify feelings of vulnerability. Tap into where you want to be as you drift off to sleep and only settle on art that brings you there.


Focus on Art Placement


On a practical level, placement needs to be considered for the care of yourself and the care of the artwork. Hanging a heavy, framed painting above your bed will be secure if put up correctly, but it’s best to err on the side of caution and avoid this – the potential for being woken in the night with your newly purchased artwork falling on your head doesn’t exactly encourage a stress-free environment anyway! You also need to bear in mind that works, particularly canvases, generally don’t do well when placed over a source of heat like a radiator.


In terms of mental wellbeing, a certain amount of Feng Shui comes into play when choosing where to place your art(!), as well as lighting to bring out the best of the piece. Opposite a window can work beautifully, if you have this space available, as can over a dressing table or chest of drawers. It can be very nice to look into purchasing two separate pieces if you share your bedroom with a partner, so that you can have one on either side of the bed to create harmony. Just be sure to agree upon the art with each other first! In a shared space, you’ll both need to love the pieces and feel the same way about them.

Know Your Needs


Do you often feel stressed by the end of a long day? Do you harbour feelings of fear, sadness or loneliness when it comes to sleeping? Or do you know that you have the best nights sleep when listening to the rain, the soft crashing of distant waves or the gentle sounds of nature in a woodland? Knowing what you need to get out of your artwork to aid a peaceful sleep is paramount to making a successful choice. Figure out your requirements and feel around to see if your choice of artwork works with or against these.


Don’t make the mistake of thinking you would benefit from having art in the bedroom that wakes you up when you rise in the morning, if you struggle to get out of bed. You’d be better off coaxing yourself into a deep sleep with soothing colours and imagery in the bedroom and saving the zesty stuff for where you eat your breakfast!

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