Anthony Horth Photography: Not Only An Artist, But A Major Talent...

This week, the gallery is buzzing! Internationally renowned Australian fashion photographer, landscape photographer and New York gallery owner, Anthony Horth is joining the artists exhibited at St Mawes.


This is a new direction for us and it’s one that’s as exciting as it is challenging. Challenging because photography is so very different in its medium and execution from painting or sculpture.


It is a comparatively recent format, one that relies on mechanical apparatus rather than the human hand. And, let’s be honest, as a medium it’s so widely available and widely used that it can be hard to distinguish an artist from a photographer, a work of art from what is simply ‘a good shot’. But, as we’ve mentioned before, with any art it always comes down to one thing - when you know, you know.


With just one look at the collections of Anthony Horth, you know. And if you take a deeper look into what informs his work, you soon realise why that is.

Anthony Horth

Over a thirty five year career, Horth has gained an international reputation, first as a highly sought after fashion photographer published in British, American, Italian and Australian Vogue, French, Italian and German Elle and Mademoiselle. He spent decades developing an eye for light and beauty and form. Then he turned that eye, and his formidable skills, to landscape photography.The decision coincided with his marriage fifteen years ago.

“I’d always been in love with beautiful landscapes, but was always putting a model in the shot,” he says. “Whether we were on some beach in Tunisia, or up in the mountains of Scotland ... I kept thinking, ‘I like these landscapes without anybody being in them’. Then that became my passion.”

Recently, he set about about capturing one of the most remote regions of his native Australia, the awe-inspiring Kimberley region of Western Australia and sharing it with the world.


Twenty one images in a collection called ‘Mother Earth Kimberley’ were exhibited at the Emirates Palace last year and at his own gallery in New York. But the collection really began when Horth was assigned to photograph the Argyle Diamond Mine in East Kimberley.

Anthony Horth

He was fascinated by the “humbling” red-earth landscape which is sacred to and which still belongs to the Horth Gija and Mirriwung people. At their invitation Horth spent time with members of that community, sharing their fires and hearing their ‘dream time’ stories. The origin story of the red earth became his inspiration for the Mother Earth Kimberley series.


He spent as much time in the area as any traditional landscape artist might do, choosing his subjects, the quality of light, the perfect moment. The result was a series of images which convey a sense of the sacred as well as the beauty of the place.


This is what identifies Horth not only as a photographer but as an artist, one whose work is inspired by passion, is painstakingly crafted and yet which communicates, apparently, without effort.

Anthony Horth

There’s really no doubt that he is not only an artist but a major talent. In fact, for any gallery taking the plunge and exhibiting photographic art, there can be few more illustrious artists to debut with than Anthony Horth.


And that is what makes this new direction, exhibiting the work of a photographer and artist of the caliber of Horth, less a challenge than an adventure and definitely something to be excited about!