Angie Seaway: Capturing the Dynamism of a Shifting Landscape

Whenever someone mentions Britain, most people immediately think about two things - islands and weather, particularly bad weather!


Our island identity, our long, long relationship with the sea that surrounds, has shaped us for centuries. As for our weather, well that is so dominant in the British psyche that it is hardly possible for two strangers to begin a polite conversation without mentioning it. ‘Weather speak’ is practically part of our etiquette and complaining about it is internationally regarded as an essentially British pastime!


Angie Seaway does not complain about our weather. She is an expressive, landscape artist who loves both the British weather – all kinds of weather - and our national obsession with it. (Which she considers entirely justified for an island nation!) As an artist, she wholly embraces the role of the weather in a landscape, as well as the part it plays in our national consciousness.


Each of her paintings begins its life out of doors, where sand or rain or even wind-blown grit may add to the texture and life of her work. In this way, Seaway involves her work in a direct dialogue with the living landscape she wants to capture.


Angie Seaway loves reading weather forecasts and listening to what she calls ‘the beautiful litany’ of the Shipping Forecast! And bits of those forecasts can be found as titles to her paintings, paintings like Mist and Fog patches will Clear or Dry today with broken Cloud.


When you see her work, you understand immediately why. Seaway captures vividly, in her multi-layered and textured landscapes, the precise weather which gives them the colour and atmosphere and mood of the moment.


Her paintings make us look again at something we talk endlessly about but never really notice, the British weather. And for some of us, she makes us see for the first time that our weather is not just the backdrop for our landscape but the essential element that gives it its ever changing character and beauty.

Angie Seaway

About Angie Seaway


Devon based Seaway, (she lives in Exmouth), began painting in her early thirties. It was only after she began her career as an artist that she went on to study Fine Art at Plymouth University.


Proximity to the South Western coastline lets her watch the changing elemental dance of sand, sea and sky at all times of the year and all hours of the day so that she can respond immediately when she is inspired to paint.


Angie Seaway has her own gallery and café where she exhibits her paintings, now to be seen at the St Mawes Gallery too, of course! And she runs residential art courses for children from six to sixteen because she is passionate about the fact that, (as her Facebook page proclaims) ‘Kids Need Art’.


If all this makes you think that Seaway is even more of a ‘hands on’ artist than most, you would be right.

What to Expect


Paint poured over lines of charcoal, pigmented ink and glazes – textures built in layers as she works produce the sense of complexity and depth that exists in every natural landscape. Vibrant colour and vigorous, evident paintwork create the dynamism of a shifting landscape. But, as in nature itself, you will not see it until you step back!


When you do, you’ll suddenly experience that same natural magic - of a moment in time and space, in season and geography - that you would feel if you stood at the same spot as the artist, at the same moment. Seaway has an extraordinary talent and her paintings possess an extraordinary magic.


And, of course, we’re thrilled that we can now offer visitors to the St Mawes Gallery the chance to experience this magic for themselves. We really hope you’ll come in and see!

Angie Seaway