Meet Our Artists: Alvaro Tamarit Creates Functional Sculptures

There's so much to be inspired by on the beautiful coast and countryside of Cornwall and when we first saw the fantastic work by Alvaro Tamarit, which utilises fragments of driftwood that can be found washed up on the shores of our beloved beaches to create his astounding sculptures and collages, we knew that we had to have him as a St Mawes Gallery artist!


It's easy to see why Tamarit has become so widely acclaimed, scooping awards for his sculptures all across Spain and most recently, making it as a finalist in the Saatchi Showdown.


Since 2006, Alvaro Tamarit has been working on his project 'Deconstruction': a series of functional sculptures and unique works, using recycling as part of his creative process with reclaimed wood, recovered books and discarded photography. From one-of-a-kind furniture to quirky plant pots, it's easy to find a home for this incredible artwork.


With Alvaro's work forming part of the Bancaja Foundation, Museums Consortium Valencia, Talens Foundation Spain, the Department for Culture at the University of Alicante and The National Academy of “San Alejandro” Bellas Artes in Havana, Cuba we are absolutely delighted to now able to showcase all of this here, in our little gallery.

alvaro tarmarit

About Alvaro Tamarit

Born in Alicante, Spain and graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos in Valencia as well as the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca after being awarded the Seneca Scholarship and the Consorci de Museus de Valencia after obtaining a Visual Arts Scholarship for artistic creation, Alvaro Tamarit now resides here in Cornwall and exhibits his work in numerous galleries in Spain, Germany and Holland, Cuba, France, Brussels, China, Taiwan, Canada and the UK.


Unlike the majority of artists out there, Alvaro Tamarit has always held a firm belief that art is something that should be understood and loved by both adults and children equally, so since 1999 all of his exhibitions have been accompanied by a learning experience and educational workshops, to help encourage that artistic appreciation from an early age.

What to Expect


Alvaro Tamarit's work comes in a variety of stunning forms: from functional sculptures, to furniture, to paintings and college, basing many of his ideas on subjects and objects that have been stranded or ceased to function and bringing them back to life in an entirely new way.


Using recycled materials such as books and driftwood always plays a large part in the construction of each piece, many of which are sourced from the nearby shores of our very own Cornish coast.

alvaro tarmarit

Our Featured Work by Alvaro Tamarit



It is such a joy to be able to display some of Tamarit's most celebrated pieces in our humble gallery, alongside some incredibly prestigious museums and foundations overseas.


You'll be hard pressed to find a selections of Tamarit's work in Cornwall as varied as ours! So if you're a fan of what you see on our artist pages, be sure to make a trip to see us and enjoy his remarkable array of artwork, in person.

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